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General Library Rules

  1. Membership

    All the students, teachers and non-teaching staff becomes the member of the school library from the day of his/her joining. However, he/she must express his/her willingness to use the library services formally and obtain readers tickets from the library.

    The Membership will be for the duration of one session only. This will have to be renewed each new session if user continues with the school. No material will be lent/issued by the library after the issue of no-due slip from the library.

  2. How to borrow a book?

    The library users have been divided into three main categories, namely students, teachers and non-teaching staff. All these categories of users will be issued readerís tickets. One book will be issued against one ticket. So, each member will be issued a specific number of tickets according to the number of books his/her category is allowed in the rules prescribed. Books will be issued on the production of readerís tickets only. At the time of issue the ticket will be retained along with book card of the particular book by the library. When the book is returned the user will be returned his/her ticket.

    The date on which the book is due will be marked on the due date slip, pasted at the back of the book. The user should stick to this time limit. If a book is kept overtime a fine will be charged. Longer delays may invite an penalty also.

    Reference Books like dictionaries, encyclopedias etc. wonít be issued to anybody whosoever. Users can be allowed to consult such a material inside the library only.

  3. Renewals

    The librarian may on his own discretion renew on request such a book as is not required in the library by other members. However, a book canít be renewed more than once. If a user wants a book third time he/she will have to wait for one week after second issue.

  4. Delay Fine

    The delay fine will be changed at the following rate,

    • First 7 Days Rs 1/day
    • For the Remaining period Rs 2/day or the price of the Book, whichever is less.
    1. A fined user wonít be issued a book for a period of 14 days.
    2. If a user is fined three times his/her membership will be cancelled for the whole session.
    3. In case it is holiday on due date the next working day should be treated as the last date for the return of the book (s).
  5. Damage/Loss of Material

    A book damaged in any form or lost will be replaced/paid for by the borrower.

    1. In case a borrower replaces a book he will have to replace the Edition not earlier than the lost/damaged one.
    2. In case s/he chooses to pay for the book he/she must pay the amount mentioned in library records.

    Important: These rules may be changed at any time without any prior notice by the school management.

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