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Period for which different categories of users would be issued books

  1. Students
    • Each student will be issued one book for a period of one week only.
    • The book may be renewed according to library rules i.e. a student canít have the same book for more than 14 days in continuation.
    • For late return of books a delay fine will be charged as per rule mentioned at serial number IV in general rules.
    • In case of damage/loss of book the student will pay for or replace the book as per rule mentioned at serial number V in general rules.
  2. Teaching Staff/Faculty
    • Every staff member will be issued books as follows:
      Type of BookNumber of BooksNumber of Days
      General BooksTwoTwo Weeks
      TextbooksFourOne Month

      Note: A teacher canít have more than 5 books at a time including both general and textbooks.

    • The books may be renewed once only. A teacher canít be allowed to keep a general book for more than four weeks and a textbook for more than two months.

      Note: In case of textbooks a grace period of 15 days can be considered for teachers if requested and if circumstances like exams etc. support the request.

    • In case of late return, loss, damage of books a fine will be realized as per general library rules mentioned at serial number IV & V.
  3. Non-Teaching/Administrative Staff
    • Each member will be issued two books for a period of two weeks (14 days) only.
    • The book may be renewed once only. Under no circumstances a member can be allowed to keep for more than four weeks.
    • Delay fine & price/replacement will be realized from the members as per library rules mentioned at serial number IV & V.

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