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Creating Patrons in KOHA

  1. Intorduction
  2. Patron/Member Module
  3. Start New Patron Workform
  4. Patron Workform
  5. Saving

1. Introduction

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In KOHA a user or member is called Patron. KOHA allows issue/return or any other transaction from or with the library to registered members only. KOHA allows you to divide the library patrons into catogeries. Each library can have one or more number of categories of users. Categories can be added or removed from the 'KOHA Administrator' screen (Fig.: 0). Even if a library wants to share its resources with other libraries or sections/departments they should be registered as patrons in KOHA to monitor the flow of resources.

Patron Categories in Administration Module


  • It is advised that before starting with the patron module in KOHA the patron categories should be created and a category should not be removed once you have added patrons to it and did some transactions for them as it will mess up the logs and reports.

  • It is possible to create different circulation policies for different categories of users.

2. Patron/Member Module

Creating a patron in KOHA is quite a simple job. Login to KOHA staff client and click on the 'Patrons' link from the main horizontal menu at the top or from the 'Patrons' link in main the area.

Image 1: KOHA staff client Home page.

3. Start New Patron Workform

Now click on the 'New' drop down menu and select 'Patron' option. A workform will open.

Image 2: Opening Partron Workform.

4. Patron Workform

A workform will open for the creating Patron. Make entries. Take care of the mandatory fields marked in red. Also take care while making the choice of 'Library' and 'Category' of the patron to avoid problems at a later stage.

Image 3: Patron Workform.

5. Saving

Once all the entries are made click on the 'Save' button at the bottom to save the record to the database. If any mandatory has been left blank or any field is not in the prescribed format (if specified) and error message will be generated. Make the corrections and again save the record.

Image 4: Saving the Record.
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