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Library and Information Science

Library and information science (LIS) is a branch of knowledge that deals with management of sources of information (in modern times information itself) in a convenient way. Its main purpose is to provide the pinpointed information in the least possible time to the right user.

Library and Information Science is a combination of two branches of knowledge, the library science and the information science. Library Science is quite ancient in origin. It is as old as the libraries and libraries are as old as the preservation of knowledge in ancient civilization started. In older times there were Clay Tablet libraries in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Then there were Bhoj Patra libraries in ancient India.

Information Science is of recent origin. In modern times with the advent of computers and introduction of ICT in libraries the traditional resources of knowledge i.e. books got a drastic change. On the one hand the universe of knowledge burst many times and on the other hand the information became available more and more in electronic format as it was more convenient for the end user. So, Information science was born.

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