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DSpace Emails throgh Sendmail

To use Sendmail to send emails from your DSpace server make sure Sendmail is installed and is in working condition i.e. you can send emails from your server OS. Normally, sendmail won't allow emails from DSpace to relay through as it accepts only local requests. So, you have to make the following changes/configurations to force it to relay the emails,

  • Open the sendmail.mc* file and make the following changes,

    # vi /etc/mail/sendmail.mc
  • Find the two lines beginning with DAEMON_OPTIONS and change the loopback IP to your server's ip address,

    # DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Family=inet, Name=MTA-v4, Port=smtp, Addr=Your Server IP')dnl
    # DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Family=inet, Name=MSP-v4, Port=submission, M=Ea, Addr=Your Server IP')dnl

Reconfigure the sendmail by following one of the methods described at the begging of the file,

# sendmailconfig

This will run the interactive configuration script, you can consent to the default values safely. At the end it will display some warnings for changing position of some values, you can make the changes, an easy job. Even skipping them is not known to cause any major issues.

Now the emails won't work from your OS directly as sendmail won't accept local mails but if things have gone fine so far DSpace will be able to send emails.

Known Issues

With a local ip on your server sendmail is known to send emails to Spam as an unauthenticated source. Some email services may even reject emails. But may be the problem can be overcome with a public IP as this will authenticate the server on the internet.

DSpace Configuration

In the dspace configuration file [dspace]/config/dspace.cfg make the following changes,

# SMTP mail server
mail.server = Your server domain

Leave everything to the default. Just add the email IDs for the administrator and other jobs.

Important: As per convention you need to restart tomcat after any changes to dspace.cfg file to allow the changes to take effect.

* With sendmail you are not supposed to make changes in the configuration file (sendmail.cf) directly but make the changes in the sendmail.mc and then reconfigure sendmail to apply those changes to the service.

Title - DSpace Emails Relay Through Sendmail | Author - Amandeep Kapila | Article ID - 00000000042 | Last Updated - 2013-07-03 22:41:32 | Keywords - DSpace, Sendmail, Email Relay



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